T1V’s Business Continuity Plan- Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic-5-28-20-EMAIL-GRAPHIC-09

Join us for an exclusive webinar exploring exactly how to strategically manage your organization’s business continuity plan throughout COVID-19 and the post pandemic recovery process.

T1V’s VP of HR + Administration, Melissa Duncan, will take us through T1V’s response plan, highlighting best practices in both human resources and operations while offering tangible solutions to encourage employee safety during the reentry to work.

Webinar learning objectives:

- Gain insight into who T1V is - our mission and our product offering

- Understand how to build a Multi-Phase Pandemic Recovery Plan

- How to determine and define Pandemic Phases for your plan

- How to determine triggers that adjust the Plan’s Phases

- Explore specific prevention and reactive methods for HR and Operations to use throughout the Pandemic

- What to do if an employee tests positive for coronavirus

- Develop a Communication Plan of Prevention Guidelines to employees

- Discuss critical business processes for the company to operate and how to stagger headcount within each on-site department

- Understand key takeaways to set your employees up for success upon returning to work

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