As business resumes after months under the global pandemic, a new reality has unfolded: work from anywhere.

Join T1V as we enter a new era of work. Our solutions were developed for in-room collaboration, but over the last few years have shifted to support remote collaboration, so participants could join from anywhere in the world to connect with their colleagues. 

And now, we’re hyper focused on supporting the hybrid work model, where individuals find themselves splitting time between their home and the office. 

We’ll talk through new scenarios like H2O (home to office collaboration), O2O (office to office collaboration), and H2H (home to home collaboration - for completely remote teams). We’ll outline ways teams can leverage T1V collaboration solutions for better outcomes and workflows across this spectrum, while ensuring a unified experience across the board. 

We’ve never been more excited about the future of work, and we hope you’ll join us as we reshape the way we think about collaboration, team work, and the spaces we work from. 

Webinar Learning Objectives:
  • Gain insight into who T1V is - our mission, what makes us different
  • Understand T1V's core product offering, specifically for WFA (work from anywhere)
         hybrid office models
  • Identify key features + benefits of T1V WFA solutions
  • See T1V technology in action via software demonstrations - rather than spending a
         ton of time on slides, we'll be showing you some hands-on demonstrations throughout
         the webinar

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