AirConnect 3 (AC3) marks a complete UI / UX overhaul for the AirConnect application - the personal device companion app that all T1V customers use to connect to their respective Hub (ThinkHub, ThinkHub Connect, HubVC, and T1V Hub). The redesign features an all-new look and feel, along with a host of feature upgrades to optimize the user experience. Now, AC3 users can connect and interact with content easier than ever before.

Join us along with the AC3 product team behind the new software release, who will take you through a tour of the updated application and explain the ‘why’s’ of the software’s enhanced capabilities.

This is a MUST SEE for our existing customers, and will be helpful for any prospects who are considering incorporating a ThinkHub, ThinkHub Connect, HubVC, or T1V Hub into their workspace.

Learning objectives:
  • Gain insight into who T1V is - our mission, what makes us different
  • Understand T1V's core product offering
  • Identify key features + benefits of T1V Solutions
  • Understand the latest features available in AirConnect 3.0 (AC3), including:
         registration, meetings, instant annotation, improved screen sharing, streamlined UI,
         dark mode, and managed third party software VC applications
  • See AC3 technology in action via in-depth software demonstration

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