Learn how T1V’s Customer Success Team sets T1V apart in the collaboration industry - and how we can set you up for success.

T1V Customer Success Manager Morgan Feldman will provide a rundown on the role of Customer Success and perks of being a T1V Customer - from onboarding to training and adoption, our hands-on approach to supporting the T1V community improves collaboration for teams across the board.

Whether you’re looking to enhance collaboration workflows in enterprise or education, T1V offers a range of resources you can count on when implementing your collaboration strategy.

Visual collaboration will become increasingly important as teams shift to hybrid models, where they support both in-room and remote participants. How is your organization supporting this new work model?

Learning objectives:
  • Understand the role of T1V Customer Success
                • Understand a typical T1V customer onboarding, training, and adoption schedule
  • Identify the key tenets of driving user adoption across the organization
  • Learn how T1V measures success with key analytics and customer goal setting
  • Explore customer resources for ongoing education and best practices

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