On this webinar, we'll take you inside T1V - who we are, what we do, and our core technology offering.

From ThinkHub, our flagship BYOD collaboration software, to AirConnect, ThinkHub Connect, and HubVC - we have a broad range of solutions that are designed to serve a variety of collaboration and active learning needs.

We'll also introduce you to our T1V Suite software - which is essentially a suite of software apps for those wow, experiential environments, and that can be totally branded to align with your brand.

Our goals on this webinar are for you to:

  • Gain insight into who T1V is - our mission, what makes us different
  • Understand T1V's core product offering
  • Identify key features + benefits of T1V Solutions
  • See T1V technology in action via software demonstrations - rather than spending a
         ton of time on slides, we'll be showing you some hands-on demonstrations throughout
         the webinar

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