ThinkHub visual collaboration supports hybrid teams - so all meeting participants can visualize and manipulate large amounts of content and contribute to the conversation - no matter where they are.

In this webinar, we’ll take you inside ThinkHub’s enhanced content sharing - covering all of the types of content that you can share to the Canvas, along with the integrations available to help teams visualize everything in one place.

Working across multiple platforms - whether it’s comparing multi-page PDFs, analyzing dashboards, or collaborating in Office 365 or G Suite - managing all of this content can be daunting. ThinkHub makes it incredibly easy to import and share all of your content into a single shared workspace.

Learning objectives:
  • Gain insight into who T1V is - our mission, what makes us different
  • Understand T1V's core product offering
  • Identify key features + benefits of T1V Solutions
  • Explore how to share unlimited content and devices to ThinkHub’s Interactive Canvas
  • Discover how to communicate with team members and clients through video
        conferencing integration and integrated devices like IP cameras, all while collaborating
        in real-time
  • See ThinkHub’s advanced content sharing technology in action via software

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